Your CPAP Ventilator Recall Attorney is Ready to Fight For You

Philips Respironics® recalled certain DreamStation® Ventilators, CPAP, and BiLevel® PAP devices in June 2021 for potential health risks--the attorneys at DLG For Me are investigating claims that these recalled CPAP and ventilator devices are causing serious injuries, including cancer. 


NEC Baby Formula

NEC is the most common cause of infant mortality in premature babies from day 15 to 60. NEC is a devastating intestinal disease that usually affects premature and low birth weight babies. Babies with NEC often only live hours or days after diagnosis, and when they survive, they endure lifelong health complications.


Your Paraquat® Attorney Understands Your Condition

Victims who develop Parkinson's after using Paraquat®-based herbicides have options. The experienced team of attorneys at DLG For Me works relentlessly to hold those who are responsible accountable.

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Joanne H.

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Brent S.

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Caleb I.

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"After we were T-boned by a truck, the team at DLG For Me was there to guide and help put our minds at ease."

Issaiah G.


"Extremely happy with the clear communication I received from DLG For Me. Every question was always answered."

Jeremy B.

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Grant T.

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Adrian C.

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Steven O.

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